Computer Science 1

This is my webpage for computer science 1. We are studying C#.
It's my first year of computer science.
It is difficult to learn but it is fun to do.
These are the project we have done in C# this year

Goodbye Program


In this project we program 5 buttons to say goodbye in the language showed on the button and show the corresponding flag.

About Page


In this project we make a fake about page for a company based off our logo we made in MS Paint. We have our logo, desription about our company, and pictures of our company.

Mailing Label


In this program we created text boxes to enter your name, street, city, state, and zipcode and format the information into a mailing label format.

Car Rental


We created text boxes to enter your name, street, city, state, and zipcode to make it into another mailing label. We also added some text boxes for how long you used the car and how many miles you drove. With a push of a button, the program calculates how much it costs and keeps track of how many customers and the average amount they spent.



We created text boxes to enter your height and weight in feet and pounds. The machine then changes it to kilograms and meters and uses that to tell you where you are on the BMI scale and what your BMI is.

Car Rental Upgrade


We created an upgraded version of car rental that charges you differently from the original car rental and shows you what each car looks like. There are 3 choices of cars with with different additions to them like speakers and leather seats.

Test score


We created a program that takes two test scores and calculates the grade you got in percent and showes you which score was higher between the two.



We created a program that will randomly show two die faces, simulating what rolling two die would be like. The program also calculates how many times you rolled certain numbers out of all of your rolls in percentages.

Vegas Craps Games


We created used the dice program to make a program that simulates playing the craps game in vegas by having you win or lose based off the dice rolls.

Shirt Sales (Bench Mark)


We created a program that lets you order t-shirts from a fake company called very very boards. You can order your t-shirts in 5 different sizes and have 2 different add ons to them like pockets. The program tells you how much each t-shirt costs, how much your paying for and the total amount you owe.

Slot Machine


In This project we used a random number generater to produce random numbers to represent pictures on a slot machine with a progressive grand prize. You win by lining up 3 of the same pictures. It also follows the amount your betting,the amount of credits you have,and the amount of rolls you have done



We created a program that lets you play rock=paper-scissors by letting two people each choose either rock, paper, or scissors and hiding the images until they both pick.

Fish Bowl


Create a fish that moves randomly left or right and use labels to check hoow many times it moves and hits the side of the bowl. Also add buttons to make it automated and to speed up or slow down the fish.